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Cranio Sacral This therapy uses a very light, gentle pressure to balance the craniosacral system; the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal column.

Used to treat migraine headaches, TMJ syndrome, Bellâs palsy and insomnia.

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Our role is to provide the foundational teaching to prepare those He has raised up to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only are the prices competitive, but they don’t come with some of the things that other translation companies will throw at you!We don’t charge extra for desktop publishing, we don’t charge “project management fees”, and we always try to find ways to help our clients get the most for their translation dollar.We are very closely tied to and supported by a very healthy and vibrant local church.

We are also supported by a fellowship of churches which help us remain focused on training our students to go back to their own church body and help with the work that needs to be done there.Also great for children with learning disabilities, dyslexia and hyperactivity.